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Most of these songs were recorded right when the song was being created, so in a sense the discovery of the song is caught on tape. Enjoy!


released June 1, 2013

This album was recorded on the fly on a mobile telecommunications device in Amsterdam and Stockholm in 2012 and 2013.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © nameless archive 2012-2013 / deviadah 2012-2013.



all rights reserved


nameless archive Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kurt died so the guitar was picked up in 1994. Since that day an archive of songs grew. In 2012 the time came to present the material to the public at large. I was told by aliens that this is what I should do.

Now it is done.

Enjoy the archive of songs presented!
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Track Name: A world of my own
Nowhere in this world can I feel that I truly belong. Not on the streets of any city crowded with cars and consumers. Not in any school dedicated like most are to dogma as dead to me as the idea of a flat planet. Not in any job because its only purpose is my time given to 'them' in exchange for money or in other words food, rent and entertainments. Not in any club, pub, where the drunks insult my intellect. Not in church where false but warm blankets are handed out to the weak. Not a circus, a theme park, a stadium or in a concert hall. It seems to me the plastic money grabbing man is in all those places. Not in a shop or in a museum often nothing more than a tribute to war and the so called noble blood. Not even in Nature where I see the wounds we have created, and it saddens me.

But I do fit in, and I belong, within my head,
forming there a world of my own.
Track Name: Standing there with a smile
Everything I see seems real but I was only dreaming.
I woke up during the night.
I woke up screaming, but still dreaming,
and fully aware that I might be unaware.

To die, yeah I might be scared, but consciousness don’t care.
When I finally cross over it is only the first frontier.
On the other side: what and who will be there?
Will it be father? Will he be I? Is this what we face when we die?
Will it be I? Will it be I standing there with a smile?
Will it be I?
Track Name: The storm
The wind is blowing. The wind is strong.
Where is the wind going? How long will it be gone?

Will I ever be flowing in the breeze like a song?
Will I ever be all-knowing, knowing right from wrong?

The rain is pouring. The thunder roars.
What is the storm mourning? What is its course?

Can it ever be boring opening doors?
It is ever so boring doing your chores?
Track Name: Catapult
Society needs to catapult into the occult,
with a positive media hysteria regarding esoterica.
Because only an ignorant prick equates it with something satanic.
Ancient gnosis is a path of freedom and peace not panic.

Don’t think they've lost track of you for a second.
They’ve got their RFI-eye on you and I reckon.
Soon without a chip all our wings will be clipped.
If we’re not digitally equipped we can’t board the Dictator-Ship.

If they want you off the grid they’ll just push a button.
So be sure not to slip or you’ll be forgotten.
It will be both difficult to resist and escape,
this world wide digital rape.
Track Name: Individualism
What you got there that I ain’t got here?
You’ve struck a retirement deal with the government,
but you still got the fear.

Strip down your existence; eat, sleep, shit, create.
What else do you need, permission from the state, huh?
My mission is to not participate, either in love or in hate.
There’s no flesh on my plate, there’s no stress in this state.
Don’t point your finger in my face, don’t linger in my space.
Your way ain’t the only way, I’m not a slave, you’re the grave.

We need home for the homeless, sense for the senseless.
Work for the restless, power for the powerless.

Individualism is not loneliness.

Let’s tear down those fences, in your heart you're not defenseless.
Free your mind, it’s not expensive,
suppressing your spirit would be offensive.
Look in the mirror, how attentive.
What do you see? It’s all subjective.
I feel like a spiritual detective, individualism is so introspective,
but individualism is not loneliness.
Track Name: Pocahontas
Pocahontas is not Virginian.
She is indigenous, not even an Indian.
That’s the problem with public opinion.
Always a victim of the ongoing dominion,
of how we should look at the world.
With blind fate in the written word perspectives are blurred.
The wise elders, will they ever be heard?
Would you want to end up in a reserve?
Is that what we really think they deserve?
There are ideas among the tribes that need to be preserved.
Because whatever fate we give them, we give the entire world.
So turn on the TV and you’ll see the Theatre of the Absurd.

Leave the herd!
Track Name: Candles in the night
There’s nothing but an echo in my stash,
I couldn’t afford paper even if I had hash.
And I’m looking for food in the trash,
and instead of a bed I’m sleeping on grass.

And it’s obvious by now that I’m strapped for cash,
yeah I get back that flash.
There are moments when a person gets a rash,
I got to get a job, freedom never lasts.

Because as soon as you have it, it’s passed, I have to get off my ass. And the only question I have left to ask is how long will the hunger last?

Because in the jungle you will face,
what you’d never thought you’d face.
The only hell you will ever see,
it is the true self you’ll meet.
The other side, yeah I’ve been to that place,
I have been to outer space.
And I have seen that we’re all made of light,
we can all be candles in the night.

The Shamans gave me floral baths,
then in my dreams I met this jungle cat.
And it looked down on me from a branch,
before me yeah it sat.

It told me that love should be my shoes, and integrity my path.
With respect and compassion you do the math,
we can all end the wrath.

We can all be all right.
Track Name: Mr K
This future could be brighter, inside any hope resides a spider.
I call mine Mr K from Kafka’s 'The Trial'.
Soon clones will be marching, shouting: “Sieg Heil”.
No a sheep wasn’t enough, they’ve found some blood in a Holy Cup.
And then there was a whole lot of technical stuff,
and wham bang Jesus is turning up.

Can’t you see what we’re becoming?
Jesus clone will be the second coming.
Where will you go? Where will you be running?
When all those clones will start cum-ing.
Track Name: Iboga
The easiest thing in this world is to avoid regret.

Your dreams are your only debt.
In life there is no stress but death.

There is nothing in this world that can’t be done,
by trying you have already won.

Don’t realize in your final sleep that all your life you’ve been asleep.
Track Name: The nest
Why look for love?
Love never left...

Love is the nest!